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The Digital Stack

Understanding what your digital stack should look like is essential in creating a profitable and scale-able digital strategy.

What is a ‘stack’

In this context, a stack is a grouping of ‘layers’ of technology.

A layer is responsible for managing one thing, like email, social media marketing or content management, or a group or similar things.

When putting together an IT &/or Digital strategy, we talk about building a Digital, or Tech, ‘Stack’ to satisfy the plan. We like to use the term Digital Stack to describe all the pieces of a business’ digital strategy which are essential to have any chance of success in the modern business age.

Your business deserves the best digital stack it can have. That’s why our technical experience and business domain knowledge is the right choice to design, build and manage a great stack for you.

We build you a stack tailored to you and your business’ needs. And then we review it regularly to see if upgrades or tweaks are required. You get this design expertise free with our subscriptions.

So it is essential that you know what your digital stack looks like not only so you know where to go to do certain tasks, but to;

  • understand all the pieces and how they bring you new business
  • budget accordingly
  • target gaps which need to be filled with custom solutions
  • understand and agree when it’s time to upgrade elements

Let’s face it: Trying to figure out your own Digital/Tech Stack when technology and digital strategies are NOT YOUR CORE skill, is a frustrating path to choose. There are so many options, and new ones come along all the time.

Just stop and think about all the time you spend confused about all the offerings in the digital marketing space. 

Your time as an entrepreneur is best spent doing other things!

Every phase of a business’ growth is important, but the beginning is critical, as you probably already know. So establishing a solid digital stack as early as possible with scale-ability ready and waiting in the wings is the best decision you’ll make for your business. We are ready to do it for you!

What does a Digital Stack look like?

Each stack looks slightly different based on the industry and size of the business, but generally the figure you see here is what one looks like.

We build you the best digital stack you can possible get, utilising our 20+ years of experience in the digital space.

If you are a brand new business, and funds are tight, then we focus on building your stack using the free versions of the tech stack tools we use. Then as you grow, we may recommend upgrading or swapping out that technology for something better suited to your growing needs.

The Application Programming Interface (API) Layer wires everything together. You business will operate seamlessly and efficiently. This is widely missed by your run-of-the-mill website developer who is just after your build fee and will move on. 

We focus heavily on business process automation and use of technology to provide you with everything you need at your fingertips.

Our whole stack is wrapped up in the highest possible security standards so you also have peace of mind with your data and digital assets.

Digital Stack Design Tool

We are in the process of building a fantastic new tool which will help us design the best digital stack for your business. Stay tuned for more information about this new (totally free) tool called DigiStack Designer.

spend more time delivering value to your customers not A/B Testing your inbound marketing

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