Become a BottledCode 
Certified wordpress & divi webmaster

This 3-4 week part-time course will get you and your staff up to speed on everything needed to build great content on your new BottledCode Marketing Website built with WordPress and Divi. These skills are easily transferable from your BottledCode site as WordPress is used in over 4 Million websites and Divi is the best builder for WordPress so it will make you shine. These skills will be great for your resume… 😉 All you need is a browser and a notepad. So let’s do it!


1-on-1 with Brad jeffery

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of websites under his belt, Brad will impart his skills on to you while having fun learning about being a Webmaster. In this course, you’ll get 3 x hour long 1-on-1 sessions with Brad!

This isn’t going to be easy for you, it’ll stretch your brain sometimes, but Brad and our team will be right along there beside you to help you master being a Webmaster.

Course Overview


Internet Infrastructure: Learn the essentials on how the internet works. From DNS, SSL to more advanced topics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also cover basic design principles based on these technologies as well as their constraints.

10 hours of video and course work.


Content Management Systems (CMS): Here we dive into building websites uing a CMS, namely WordPress. After this module you will essentially be able to take on the role as a Webmaster, but the next module will take this foundation and take it to the next level.

10 hours of video and course work.


Divi Master: This module rounds out your knowledge by using the Divi Builder to build simply stunning websites and content with so much ease you will wonder why we didn’t just start here. But your solid foundation will serve you well once you hit the pavement and start building other websites in the future.

10 hours of video, coursework and final exam.

What to Expect

Over the many years and countless websites, apps and plugins I have built, I have developed many tricks to make my job easier. I want you to walk away from this course being an efficient Webmaster who can also trouble shoot issues when they arise.

Brad jeffery

Chief bottler


Be able to launch a site from scratch


be able to read and edit html & CSS


solve most problems yourself


have lifelong skills in the digital age


rapidly build awesome content



website Case Study

To put all your learning into context, we’ll primarily focus on one site during your course, IdeasKicker (https://ideaskicker.com). However during your weekly 1-on-1 sessions we can focus on your business’ site if you like.

The Divi Builder

IdeasKicker is two sites in one; a marketing website and an app. This showcases our Digital Stack Packs and our App Pack Subscriptions combination to full extent as well as some nice custom DNS and business rules to consider.





ensure your staff are the best they can be for your business.

One of the traits of a successful website is regular, high-quality content. But one of the challenges of this is the cost to hire web developers. By training your staff as a BottledCode Certified WordPress and Divi Webmaster, you are ensuring your website will be a success.

Multiply the benefits of the foundation we lay with your Digital Stack by having your team act as a well oiled content generating machine. Combined with our free training, this certification by Brad gives you peace of mind that your staff actually do have the skills needed to get the most out of your website. After this course, even we would hire them!

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About the Author: Brad Jeffery

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

Chief Bottler - BottledCode

Brad is the Founder of BottledCode. He is also the Founder of IdeasKicker.com and is the inventor of the term Crowd Vetting. In 2005 he co-founded RealXstream.com, a video streaming service for the extreme sports industry and in 2014 was a senior tech lead on the largest FinTech project in the Southern Hemisphere. He also spends his time running multiple e-commerce sites as well as the owner of Made in the Gong, a makerspace. Over the last 20 years he has built hundreds of websites, apps, middleware, plugins and services and has a passion for marketing & developing automated business processes through software.

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