The Digital Stack
The Digital Strategy

03The Digital Stack

  • Is a permanent fixture of your business and uses a single service provider over the long term
  • Has all the digital tools wired in and setup.
  • Is not an area of expertise for many marketers and is more IT and developer based.
  •  Manages all your security and access controls

03The Digital Strategy

  • Uses multiple service providers over the long term. These come and go, you try new things
  • Use the digital tools and pulls data from metrics during and after campaigns
  • Is not an area of expertise for IT and developers
  •  Needs access to your Digital Stack in a secure manner

Why it’s important to separate the two…

Making a clear distinction between your Digital Stack and Digital Strategy lets you shop around for the best supplier for each and easily swap them out if needed.

Many businesses use just one supplier of marketing services, but what if they want to switch to a new one? If you get your marketer to setup and manage your digital stack, then you’re LOCKED IN to using them unless you go through the arduous process of switching over your entire digital stack to a new provider.

It is more likely you will deal with multiple digital marketing contractors more than it is switching over your entire Digital Stack to a new supplier. So by working with someone like BottleCode to provide a Digital Stack which is designed specifically for Digital Marketers, you can easily implement new Digital Strategies as much as you want knowing your stack can handle anything they want to throw at it. It makes their job much, much easier and they get instant access to all the logins and data they need to do their job. They are not really experts in Digital Stacks, we are, so let them do what they are good at by providing a World Class platform for them to interface with. They can even pull data via your API layers baked into our basic Digital Stack plans!

Did you know…

Even though we are the experts in Digital Stacks, if you ever want to switch from us, we allow you to backup and export your entire Digital Stack (minus our very minimal propriety elements) ready for it to be setup and managed by someone else (in fact we show you how to setup your WordPress site on a new instance wherever you want it).


All Our digital stacks
are designed from the ground up

With digital agencies in mind

Your digital marketer will love our stacks.

Or use our On Demand Digital Marketing Service.

Digital Marketing On-Demand Service

Once your business is in a position to budget for Digital Marketing, you can add On-Demand services to your Monthly subscription.

  • These add on top of your base inclusions in your Digital Stack Packs
  • Each offer is paid for with Extra Floating Bottle Credits (eFCBs), so you can apply any unused eFCBs (not the free standard ones you get with your Stack Pack) to pay for these services or bundle them together to get the most value
  • It makes it easy to scale your business in each are of Digital Marketing
  • You get a clear ROI and know what you're getting for the price
  • You are told exactly what you need to supply, if anything
  • We have selected the best Digital Marketing Partner to supply each of these services to you
  • Those partners LOVE working with our Digital Stacks and are efficient at getting the most out of it (hey they give us lots of valuable feedback to make our Digital Stacks even better for them)

Here is an example of some of the On-Demand Services. The left one costs One eFCB and the other one one and a half, bundle it with another service which costs half a bottle and away you go!

Are you a Digital Marketer or Agency??

Are you tired of managing your client Digital Stacks?

Are you just starting out and want to partner with someone to take the headache out of managing clients on going?

Want to work with clients who have all the digital tools you need setup ready to go so you can concentrate on provide your awesome value?

Then you probably want to consider becoming an Official BottleCode Reseller.

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