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Wollongong Web Designer founded in 1999.

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Get the most mileage from your budget by hiring a team who adds the most value to your business. We are highly efficient in our development processes. We have accumulated many tools over the years to rapidly prototype and develop solutions.

By using BottledCode, you leverage our efficiences and simply get more bang for your buck. While you’ll hear a lot about ‘being Agile’ from other companies as a way to try to secure your business, you won’t from us. All we’ll say is agility in development to us means how long it takes a one-line code change to go live. Great DevOps achieves agility. Ours ROCK!

Therefore we don’t consider ourselves to be developers, we’re called ‘Deliveryers’ and we don’t practice development, it’s ‘Deliveryment’!

Founded originally as FunKey Web Designs in Wollongong in 1999, our philosophy has always been to go above and beyond for our clients. Over nearly 20 years we have built many websites, apps and software applications and if there is one thing we’ve learnt it’s that the real work to be done is after launch.

That’s why we’ve moved to a subscription model and build your site for essentially free. This frees up the day to day focus on the elements which provide the most value towards the goals of the entire project. We do this using our extensive experience which you don’t get with other agencies and DIY website buiders.

We modernised our name in 2016 as we felt that the term FunKey was a bit childish and outdated. We had fun with it as you’ll see below but it’s time to move on. We love our new branding as it represents so much about how we do things (no we’re not drinking bottles of beer ALL the time).  

2001 – Our first website

Wow dude check out that logo! We got our first client and quoted $200 for the whole project. We had no idea what we were doing back then. But funny how our best subscription The IPA is now $199.

2004 – The FunKey Team.

Now we’re grooving! This is when we take on our first few developers and the team starts to grow.

We build a startup, RealXstream with funding and travel the world. We also have lots of web development work keeping us busy.





Our Founder & Chief Bottler (Lead Developer & Lead Architect) has held many senior management roles in technology companies with medium sized teams, including Managing Director, Chief Architect, Solution Architect, Tech Lead and Lead Developer. Brad’s most recent corporate contracts were with Fiserv (who only hire the top 5% of developers in the market!) as a Tech Lead on the new Westpac LIVE online banking solution and Optus as an Application Architect. His passion for business and extensive programming experience over 21 years is central to our ability to make your project a success. He has the hard-to-find ability to see things from the business needs, user experience (UX) and the technology angle.

Digital Marketing Techniques come and go,
but a solid DIGITAL STACK outlives them all

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