Everything you need

Our Subscriptions are value packed to give you everything you need for your digital presence.

The Lager

For when you’re just starting out or if budget is tight.

This is our most popular subscription at over $6000 in value.

Just $99 per month! + ad spend

digital stack design

Get a tailor designed digital stack to match your business. We put together the best free and paid tools to maximise your ROI and increase profits.

digital stack Build

After the design is created, we build the stack, train you on the tools where needed and manage it all for you.

A marketing Website

Get a tailor designed website for your business. Built using WordPress and The Divi-Builder, we then work with you to create awesome content.
Valued at $3000!


DV SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are now essential. We cover the cost of your Domain Validated SSL Certificate.
Valued at $60 per year.

Level 1 Social Media Marketing

Get ready for more business. We stay on top of your campaigns for you, so you can focus on providing your quality products and service to your customers.
Valued at $200 per month. 

.com.au domain name

We get your domain name registered and renewed hassle free. We also handle all your DNS settings.
Valued at $50 

10% Discount

If you need to purchase any extra bottles for any reason, we knock off 10% for you. As bottles represent 75 mins of work time, you get great value with a predictable output.

1 week to go live

We promise to launch your site within one week of receiving your completed Client Deliverables Checklist, or your next two months are free. 


integrated blog

You get a blog which is inside your main URL, not a subdomain or external URL. We’ll also generate regular content for you (with your signoff) to help drive more traffic.. 

monthly report

We prepare a Director’s Report every month with the essential metrics for you to be kept informed of how your digital strategy is performing. It also highlights areas for improvement. 

Lawyer Prepared Content

We create your Privacy Policy and Terms content approved by a lawyer specific to your business and industry.
Valued $280 

scalable cloud hosting

Your site will be hosted on the world class Azure Platform from Microsoft which is known for its reliability and speed.
Valued at ~$75 per month


We will setup and maintain your email accounts. You will have full web access as well as POP3/IMAP access and a dedicated email mobile app, or use your own.

Shopping cart

We setup a fully functioning WooCommerce shopping cart and setup your first 20 products. Full training and setup of everything needed.
Valued at $2000

Sales Funnel

We create TWO sales funnels specific to your business. This is based on 2 customer persona profiles which we help you create and iterate on.

Mailing List

We setup a list and branded template in MailChimp and integrate it with your site using the Bloom Opt In Plugin. We design a newsletter campaign with you and help manage frequency and in creating content.

Email Marketing

We will setup and maintain one email marketing strategy and grow your mailing list even faster.



We take the time to make sure you get the most out of your new digital strategy by training you and your team in all your new digital tools.  


Get insights into site visitors and success of campaigns and e-commerce strategies. We setup advanced analytic patterns for you with tricks we’ve learned over the years.

SEO Ready

Your entire site is built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Each page is structured for the best possible SEO.


Get 30 days money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with our offering.


Security Level 1

Get our level 1 Security which includes a security audit and training. We ensure your business is ready against hackers and internal threats.

Production Slots Available

Average Lead Time (days)

the IPA

A handcrafted, boutique package for when your business is really zooming.

Everything the Lager has but more, valued at $9000. Upgrade at any time.

Just $199 per month!

Website Expansions

We take your basic website and put it on steriods, pimping it out with all the best plugins and techniques to give your users that extra experience.


EV SSL Certificate

We give you the highest possible SSL Cert with a green bar Enterprise Validated Certificate which are shown to give a higher truest rating with your users.
Valued at $450 per year.

Social Media Marketing level 2

5 bottles each month are used up on your social media marketing. You can also buy extra bottles to target this area of your marketing if you want to.

2 weeks to go live

We promise to launch your site within two weeks of receiving your completed Client Deliverables Checklist, or your next two months are free. 

15% Discount

If you need to purchase any extra bottles for any reason, we knock off  a whopping 15% for you. As bottles represent 75 mins of work time, you get great value with a predictable output.

more traffic

Get heaps more traffic and storage for your growing needs. If you have to upgrade for this reason alone you should celebrate, your site’s traffic is very impressive indeed. 

Sales Funnel level 2

We create multiple tailored sales funnels specific to your business. This is based on up to 5 customer persona profiles which we help you create.

Email Marketing

We will setup and maintain multiple email marketing strategies and grow your mailing list even faster.

Shopping cart level 2

We trick out your cart with up to $700 worth of plugins to make your entire sales experience the best it possibly can be for your users.

Security level 2

Security level 1 plus extra time spent on penetration testing and ensuring your business has the best online defense possible.

Production Slots Available

Average Lead Time (days)

Ready to get STARTED?

Get started now and we will have your domain name and email all done within 48 hours
and your website built within 1 week.

need an An App? 
can’t afford one?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I get started?

Simply go to https://www.bottledcode.com.au/start/?src=faqs to get started.

Our on-boarding process is as follows:

  1. You enter your name & email into our start form 
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Await our Getting Started Pack via email
  4. Click on the link in the email to complete your Site Needs Analysis (SNA)
  5. We then create your Digital Strategy & Stack Proposal and send it to you
  6. You accept the proposal by purchasing your first month via our store.
  7. We then create a Build Plan
  8. We give you a Client Deliverables Checklist (CDC) to give us what we need to build your site
  9. Once you complete the CDC your One Week Go Live timer starts ticking!

After we launch your site, your monthly plan inclusions then kick in.

Q: What does a 'floating bottle credit' represent?

More than just a gimmick, we use bottles to act as a container of tasks and capability. One bottle roughly equates to 75 mins of actual work done: 60 mins of technician time and 15 minutes of manager/tester time. This ensures for every hour of work we do, we have both governance at the manager level, plus testing time to ensure the work is completed correctly .

We have refined this pricing over 20 years and hundreds of clients. Read more about our transparent pricing model.

Q: Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

We are moving towards what's called The Encrypted Web and it essentially means that if you don't have an SSL Certificate applied to your site then you will be penalised. We've written a blog on it here

Q: What is the difference between DV and EV SSL Certficates

Domain Validated (DV) certificates provides the least level of confidence in buyers as to obtain one you only need proof that you own the domain, not who you are - so any nefarious individual can get these. An Enterprise Validated (EV) cert goes the extra mile to prove the entity owning the site is indeed legitimate. It requires much more effort to get one, but don't worry, we handle most of it for you. 

Q. What happens if I can't afford my subscription one month

We have a flexible pricing policy, where you can postpone a payment until the next month with no penalty. You can do this up to three times in a subscription period (12 months). If you are struggling or want to just downgrade to our 'keep the lights on' level, you can do this at any stage. It will then only cost you $29 per month, but you won't have any floating bottle credits, just website, hosting and your domain name, plus email.

Q: What are the different levels of Social Media Marketing?

Level 1 means you get 2 bottles used per month exclusively on your Social Media campaigns. Level 2 means you get 5 bottles..

Q. How long is the subscription term?

All subscriptions are for 12 months.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

There are two ways this is handled;

  1. Before your first 12 months is completed: You get to keep all the design documents we created for you, but your website is backed up and turned off. 
  2. After your first 12 months is completed: We give you a full backup of your digital stack including your website.

Remember, we always setup 90% of your stack in your name to start with, so moving away from us at any stage is easy for you.

In both cases we sever all Security Authorisations we may have in place with you, so we no longer have access to any of your stack. 

Remember you can downgrade at anytime if you can't afford your monthly pack cost.

Still not convinced a BottledCode subscription is best for your business?

We understand. If you can spare 15 minutes to describe your business to us, we’ll prepare and send you a presentation on how your business will benefit from a BottledCode Subscription.

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