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Attention Tradies: protect your income from the impending 2019 building downturn

Building approvals are slowing, in 6 months will you be out looking for work? Now is the time to create a digital strategy to ensure you have lots of work.

6 months until construction bust

“Seemingly someone in the know is aware that this is coming, so it might be time for Australia’s tradies to sit up and take notice.”

The above quote is from the Sept 29th 2018’s article titled, ‘Six months until construction bust‘ and if you’re a tradie, you should probably read that article then read on here to see how you can protect your income from this downturn.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show Australia’s July building approvals figures are down -5.6 per cent in seasonally adjusted figures, with apartments the worst hit, down -6.2 per cent.

Job ads for Construction are down 7% on this time last year, as the following graph from Seek shows, plus the Real Estate market is cooling.

Job ads in construction are way down on last year and recent low construction approval rates means a downturn is predicted.

My take on the downturn

Yes these figures are national and there will be pockets of growth still in lots of areas but generally this will means there will be less work but with the same amount of tradies looking for it. This competition will drive prices south so profits will reduce. You’ll need a strategy to secure the cream of the market who are paying the best prices.

If you work for a large construction firm, then the backlog of works may mean you are insulated for up to 24 months but then you may face a redundancy. You will actually be at a disadvantage then  because you will enter a completely tradie saturated market with your competitors having a year or two head start on capturing the market.

If I were a say a chippy specialising in kitchen installs, I’d validate my niche and market the hell out of it now. If apartment kitchen installs dry up, I might need to go back to domestic kitchen upgrades? Or maybe even look for new carpentry markets?

I would then setup a digital stack with all the tools I’d need to generate lots of high quality leads for that niche. As I am not an expert in digital stacks or internet marketing, I’d look for someone to do most of it for me. I’d want to pay by the month as my cash flow would be tight.

It would be logical then to get a Digital Stack Pack from BottledCode! 

Marketing takes time to bring in work

One obvious solution that BottledCode can help you with is to establish a digital strategy now, so that in 6 months you have a nice steady stream of top paying clients.

Often tradies don’t think they need a website or digital strategy and rely heavily on word of mouth. But once competition ramps up in the dwindling market, this just won’t cut it.

You will need a dedicated strategy to beat the competition and find the work that will still be out there, albeit much harder to find. If you already have a website, then now is the time to modernise it update your whole Digital Stack (see below).

Think you can’t afford a website and digital strategy? Read on to find out how you can get a $6000 tailored ‘digital stack’, which has everything you need for a kicking digital strategy. You can then focus on delivering awesome value to your clients and let us worry about everything digital for you. 

All for the cost of a mobile phone subscription and it is PERFECT for tradies (our different digital stack packs are even named after types of beer!).

Getting the Digital Stack right is the most important thing for the modern business, during any phase of its growth.

There's no shortage of options, it's like a choose-your-own-adventure when putting together all the pieces needed to run a successful online presence.

Do not attempt to do this all yourself! What you need is someone with the experience to do it all for you, or at least help you get it right.

Well we have put together a package we think you will find adds huge value to your business.

For a low monthly fee you get everything your business needs to thrive in the modern digital era. Our 20 years of experience will set your business on a path to greater ROI and increased profits by designing and building for your business the best possible digital strategy and tech stack.

It's so easy to get started, no huge upfront costs to get things going.

Just pay for your first month and within one week from receiving what we need from you we will have your website ready and then each month we will work with you to grow your business and optimise the digital stack.

03World Class stack

Your business deserves a world class digital stack that combines common tools with minimal proprietary code. Invest in the future expansion of your business now.

0312 month term

Flexible payment options plus take advantage of our delay payment policy and 'keep the lights on' downgrades at just $29 p/m.

03Transparent Pricing

Our simple pricing model has been formed with 20 years experience and hundreds of clients. Know exactly when it's time to pay more and what you're getting.

The Lager

For when you're just starting out or if budget is tight.

This is our most popular subscription at over $6000 in value.

Just $99 per month! + ad spend

digital stack design

Get a tailor designed digital stack to match your business. We put together the best free and paid tools to maximise your ROI and increase profits.

digital stack Build

After the design is created, we build the stack, train you on the tools where needed and manage it all for you.

A marketing Website

Get a tailor designed website for your business. Built using WordPress and The Divi-Builder, we then work with you to create awesome content.
Valued at $3000!

DV SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are now essential. We cover the cost of your Domain Validated SSL Certificate.
Valued at $60 per year.

Level 1 Social Media Marketing

Get ready for more business. We stay on top of your campaigns for you, so you can focus on providing your quality products and service to your customers.
Valued at $200 per month. domain name

We get your domain name registered and renewed hassle free. We also handle all your DNS settings.
Valued at $50

10% Discount

If you need to purchase any extra bottles for any reason, we knock off 10% for you. As bottles represent 75 mins of work time, you get great value with a predictable output.

1 week to go live

We promise to launch your site within one week of receiving your completed Client Deliverables Checklist, or your next two months are free.

integrated blog

You get a blog which is inside your main URL, not a subdomain or external URL. We'll also generate regular content for you (with your signoff) to help drive more traffic..

monthly report

We prepare a Director's Report every month with the essential metrics for you to be kept informed of how your digital strategy is performing. It also highlights areas for improvement.

Lawyer Prepared Content

We create your Privacy Policy and Terms content approved by a lawyer specific to your business and industry.
Valued $280

scalable cloud hosting

Your site will be hosted on the world class Azure Platform from Microsoft which is known for its reliability and speed.
Valued at ~$75 per month


We will setup and maintain your email accounts. You will have full web access as well as POP3/IMAP access and a dedicated email mobile app, or use your own.

Shopping cart

We setup a fully functioning WooCommerce shopping cart and setup your first 20 products. Full training and setup of everything needed.
Valued at $2000

Sales Funnel

We create TWO sales funnels specific to your business. This is based on 2 customer persona profiles which we help you create and iterate on.

Mailing List

We setup a list and branded template in MailChimp and integrate it with your site using the Bloom Opt In Plugin. We design a newsletter campaign with you and help manage frequency and in creating content.

Email Marketing

We will setup and maintain one email marketing strategy and grow your mailing list even faster.


We take the time to make sure you get the most out of your new digital strategy by training you and your team in all your new digital tools.


Get insights into site visitors and success of campaigns and e-commerce strategies. We setup advanced analytic patterns for you with tricks we've learned over the years.

SEO Ready

Your entire site is built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Each page is structured for the best possible SEO.


Get 30 days money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with our offering.

Security Level 1

Get our level 1 Security which includes a security audit and training. We ensure your business is ready against hackers and internal threats.

I recently requested Brad and his team at Bottled Code to build out our website ( ) plus various post launch services. I was extremely pleased with what Brad delivered in both a very timely and consultative manner. I would highly recommend Bottled Code for anyone who needs a website that can be progressively edited as market, product and servicing requirements change. (June 2017)

Doug Dovey

Principal, KP Capital Pty Ltd

Our motorcycle school has worked with BottledCode for more than ten years. Brad and the team run a great business and have always been patient with my very basic understanding of computers. Highly recommended.
Dale Corser

Owner, Corser Concepts Motorcycle School

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About the Author: Brad Jeffery

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

Chief Bottler - BottledCode

Brad is the Founder of BottledCode. He is also the Founder of and is the inventor of the term Crowd Vetting. In 2005 he co-founded, a video streaming service for the extreme sports industry and in 2014 was a senior tech lead on the largest FinTech project in the Southern Hemisphere. He also spends his time running multiple e-commerce sites as well as the owner of Made in the Gong, a makerspace. Over the last 20 years he has built hundreds of websites, apps, middleware, plugins and services and has a passion for marketing & developing automated business processes through software.

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