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Using the Make My Persona tool

This great tool from HubSpot is what we will use to collaborate on your Buyer Personas.

Before we begin, let’s review what personas are and why they are essential.

To do this, head over to the Make My Persona website and click on the

‘What is a Buyer Persona’ link. Once you’re ready to begin, come back to this page.

Note: This is a very basic Personal Creation tool, if you want something a little more advanced,

then we highly recommend you have a look at Xtensio.  


Step 1 Start the Persona Wizard

Click on the Build My Persona Button


Step 2 Answer the 7 Questions

There are 7 questions to answer, click on the Next button (bottom right) to proceed.


  • Try to put yourself in the mind of your persona
  • Answer each question as thoroughly as you can
  • Don’t rush it, give it some deep thought

Step 3 Rinse and Repeat then save

Once you have completed one, repeat the process (by clicking on the Return to HomePage link top left) until you have done a minimum of 3 personas. Ideally 5 is best.

ONCE you have finished, press the SAVE button.

You will then be presented with a link to your personas: Please email the link to

Note: This is a very basic Personal Creation tool, if you want something a little more advanced and you are little more tech savvy, then we highly recommend you have a look at Xtensio.  Checkout their helpsite here.

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About the Author: Brad Jeffery

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

Chief Bottler - BottledCode

Brad is the Founder of BottledCode. He is also the Founder of and is the inventor of the term Crowd Vetting. In 2005 he co-founded, a video streaming service for the extreme sports industry and in 2014 was a senior tech lead on the largest FinTech project in the Southern Hemisphere. He also spends his time running multiple e-commerce sites as well as working with the NSW State Emergency Service. Over the last 20 years he has built hundreds of websites, apps, middleware, plugins and services and has a passion for marketing & developing automated business processes through software. 

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