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The best way to get Testimonials (1 minute read)

Getting awesome testimonials after delivering your service is important right? Of course, but what’s the best way to ask for them?

If you don’t ask…

Customers generally never offer up a testimonial without being asked first. So don’t be shy, you are proud of your product and service delivery, so ensure you have a system to request the testimonials and then to show them off.

Use our Top Tips when asking for a Testimonial below to ensure you get the most out of this powerful social validation of your business.

Top tips when asking for a Testimonial

  • Send them to your Google Business Page (you have one right?) to enter the testimonial, then copy it into your site and marketing materials from there. Having lots of testimonials on your Google business page is gold and the only way they can get there is entered directly by your customer.
  • Also send them to your Facebook page to do the same.
  • Ask for the testimonial once you have delivered your service and the customer has had the chance to use it.
  • Keep this request process separate to Product/Service Review/Survey Requests. Remember, one CTA at a time.
  • Provide key areas for comments on. This helps prompt the customer to talk about multiple areas of your business, which makes for a thorough review.
  • If you can, ask for an additional Video Testimonial. These are immensely powerful!
  • Don’t offer a reward for the testimonial, just ask politely and then say thanks afterwards. You shouldn’t have to buy testimonials.

Best Tip: Send them to your Google Business Page

Then copy the testimonial from there into your regular content

Did you know?

By using the Divi Builder, which is included in our Digital Stack Packs, all your testimonials are available as reusable library items so you can easily add them to blog posts.

(yes we enter them for you… we even handle the sending of the request email)

I recently requested Brad and his team at Bottled Code to build out our website ( www.oriscore.com.au ) plus various post launch services. I was extremely pleased with what Brad delivered in both a very timely and consultative manner. I would highly recommend Bottled Code for anyone who needs a website that can be progressively edited as market, product and servicing requirements change. (June 2017)
Doug Dovey

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Dale Corser

Owner, Corser Concepts Motorcycle School

spend more time delivering value to your customers NOT creating email content

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

Chief Bottler - BottledCode

Brad is the Founder of BottledCode. He is also the Founder of IdeasKicker.com and is the inventor of the term Crowd Vetting. In 2005 he co-founded RealXstream.com, a video streaming service for the extreme sports industry and in 2014 was a senior tech lead on the largest FinTech project in the Southern Hemisphere. He also spends his time running multiple e-commerce sites as well as the owner of Made in the Gong, a makerspace. Over the last 20 years he has built hundreds of websites, apps, middleware, plugins and services and has a passion for marketing & developing automated business processes through software.

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