Getting Started Guide

Getting started with BottledCode

Welcome to BottledCode!

Now it’s time to get cracking with everything you need to do..

In this guide you will learn what you need to setup/configure and what you need to deliver to us.

First of all, WELCOME and thanks for purchasing your Digital Stack Pack with BottledCode. We are literally jumping with joy that you’ve joined us!

Just to be sure, this guide is for you if you’ve subscribed to one of our Digital Stack Packs. If you’ve purchased one of our other subscriptions or on-demand services, please checkout the Help with that product, or contact

On this page you will learn about our on-boarding process and what you will need to setup and deliver.

  1. Setup – these are the things you will need to setup under certain social media accounts, email etc.
  2. Deliver – what you will need to deliver to us before we can build your website and finalise your digital stack.

Getting Started

We will use the handy Click Up App to sync our work.

To be prepared, download for iPhone or Google Android first, if you haven’t already after receiving a share invite from us for your personal task portal.

Clickup is pretty easy to use, if you have any questions, please first see their help site on Tasks here.

Once you have completed your Initial Setup Tasks the 1 week delivery countdown timer starts.

An overview of your initial tasks

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

About the Author: Brad Jeffery

Chief Bottler - BottledCode

Brad is the Founder of BottledCode. He is also the Founder of and is the inventor of the term Crowd Vetting. In 2005 he co-founded, a video streaming service for the extreme sports industry and in 2014 was a senior tech lead on the largest FinTech project in the Southern Hemisphere. He also spends his time running multiple e-commerce sites as well as the owner of Made in the Gong, a makerspace. Over the last 20 years he has built hundreds of websites, apps, middleware, plugins and services and has a passion for marketing & developing automated business processes through software.

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