Bottledcrm + hireshop Release notes

Current Version 2.0


Major Release!
Bug fixes and some new features.

Release Date: 10th July 2018


bug fixes

From/to date

When selecting a FROM date, To date automatically defaults to 24 hours in the future


When searching for Contacts and Clients, can now search on Name, Email, Mobile and the case sensitive bug is fixed. Press enter to search.

Deliver to

Deliver to bug fixed, can now enter an alternate address.


The result grids for Contacts and Clients are now easier to read. Action buttons are bigger and easier to click

change client

Can now select from existing multiple Clients or create a new one. Automatically links the new Client to the Contact

data cleanse

System now cleans up old missing data by doing a two-way synch with Xero.


Removed unused icons on Home Screen and made Cancel and Help buttons work on Checkout. Help links to new online help website.

address fields on agreement

Correct fields now display on the agreement.

new features

system health checker

Performs a Health Check on startup and displays any issues, such as no internet connectivity or database migration upgrade.

shows edit contact

When selecting an existing contact, shows Edit Contact form to allow for quick confirmation and update of Contact details. If scanned license details differ, allows for quick copy and update of the correct details.

edit contact & Client

From the final checkout page, you can now edit the Contact and Billing Client. Edit Client shows the Contact List and you can mark one Contact as the Primary Contact and you can also unlink a Contact from the Client.

Shows scan details on edit contact

When editing a Contact after a scan, if scanned details differ to those on record they are displayed and a handy ‘Copy’ button allows easy overwriting of existing data with that which was scanned.

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