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From $19 per year

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

  • show the public that any information they send to your site will be encrypted
  • fast and simple way to secure your website
  • industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption
  • all you have to do is prove that you own the domain
  • ensure that Google doesn't penalise your non SSL site
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From $75 per year

Organisation Validated (OV) Certificates

  • confirmation of organisation legitimacy
  • slightly longer setup time (a few days)
  • industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption
  • GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec & Comodo
  • Multi domain available
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From $375 per year

Extended Validated (EV) Certificates

  • the gold standard in SSL/TLS certificates
  • get the green address bar
  • shows that you put your users' safety & concern first
  • proven to increase visitors' confidence & boost conversion
  • aligns yourself with larger, more trusted companies already using EV
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SSL Certificates

SSL is now essential!

Get expert advice for your SSL Certificates

Now that Google penalises sites without SSL, selecting and installing the right SSL Certificate is really the job of an expert. Get it wrong, and the consequences could be extreme.

Step #1. Selecting the right SSL Certificate

Instead of wading through all the options trying to figure out what you need, and still risk getting it wrong, it is best you call us so we can determine exactly which certificate you need.

Step #2. Generating the CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Every step is critical, especially this one. We will do it all for you.

Step #3.Installing the certificate and testing

The final part, we will install the certificate on your server or in the cloud. We will then use a variety of special tools to test the configuration to ensure you are protected.

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