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Contract (FISERV) - Tech Lead Westpac Online Transformation Program (Westpac LIVE)

  • Technical Lead for the new Westpac Live in the Entitlements/Network Banking Team.
  • Lead a team of 17, with half of the team in Noida, India
  • Lead the Entitlements/Network Banking project from Analysis and Design to delivery into final testing phases.
  • This was one of the most complex parts of the whole project for Westpac as everything feeds off Entitlements and Network Banking.

Brad with Westpac CEO Gail Kelly


"I had the pleasure of working with Brad in Westpac OTP project. Brad is a professional Technical Lead with amazing front-end and middle-ware application development skills. He is very good in performing multitasks and addressing issues in a timely manner; which made him one of the dependable key members in our team. Brad is also a fun and easy going person who ensured the realistic project deliverable is made on time. I would recommend Brad, without reservation, to any forward looking organisation." - S Vijiharan (March 6, 2015, Viji worked directly with Brad at Fiserv)

"Brad is an accomplished Technical lead who managed both the stakeholders / management and his developers with ease. The result was that he and his team managed to deliver one of the most technically complicated features of Westpac’s OTP R1.2 release." - Joshua McKenzie (June 19, 2014, Joshua worked indirectly for Brad at Fiserv)

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